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Five Hauntingly Good Halloween Cleanup Tips

Updated: May 4, 2023

It’s Halloween and at Top to Bottom, we’re ready for all the spooky things! Sometimes, the scariest surprises aren’t discovered until the morning after, but we’re prepared for even the most frightening stains and smears that show up after the fun is done! If you encounter any of the following messes, don’t be scared, we’ll help you clean it up!

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Rotten Pumpkin Stains

If your jack-o-lantern has been sitting on your porch for weeks in anticipation of the Halloween festivities, you might pick it up after Halloween to find a rotten, black, circular stain on your porch. Don’t worry, this mess can be easily removed with warm water, a microfiber cloth, and a squirt of white, non-gel toothpaste. These toothpastes are thick, white, and produce more foam than gel toothpaste. They can often be used to clean household messes.

If your pumpkin has been molding for a few weeks on your porch and ultimately damaged the stain of your deck, you might need to refinish the wood to correct the color. If you’re hesitant to do this yourself, hire one of our handymen by clicking here to take care of re-staining it for you!

To eliminate pumpkin porch stains altogether, consider placing your pumpkin on a plate or a tray for easy clean-up this season.

Chocolate Stains on Upholstery

If your tiny trick-or-treaters stain your upholstery with their Halloween goodies this year, have no fear. Chocolate stains can be easily removed with a cloth and a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Simply scrape off as much chocolate as possible, then use a washcloth to apply the mixture to the stain. Wipe from the outside in to lift the stain from your upholstery and repeat as needed until the stain is completely gone.

Halloween Makeup on Upholstery

Don’t let a little lipstick or Halloween makeup ruin your spirits this Halloween! If you wake up on November 1st to find Halloween makeup smeared on your upholstery, don’t worry! Most lipstick and oil-based makeup can be removed with makeup remover or rubbing alcohol.

You will want to test this method on a small, hidden portion of your upholstery fabric to ensure it doesn’t alter the coloring of your fabric. If the color doesn’t change after the solution is dry, it’s safe to proceed.

Dampen a clean cloth with makeup remover or rubbing alcohol and apply the cloth to the fabric. Then, with a dry paper towel, dab the stain repeatedly until it no longer picks up any more makeup. Once your dry paper towel comes up clean, you can treat the spot with fabric safe stain remover and wash it in warm water. Repeat this process as needed until the makeup has been completely lifted from the upholstery.


If you had any glittery trick-or-treaters visit your house this year, you may have a great deal of fairy dust to clean up behind them! No matter how much you sweep or vacuum, glitter is one of the most difficult things to completely eliminate from your home. Rather than deal with glittery feet for weeks after Halloween, try using a lint roller or masking tape to lift the excess glitter off your floors. If it still lingers around after you have swept, vacuumed, lint rolled, and taped your floors, try rubbing an inflated balloon over the floor and allow the static electricity to bring it all up!


If some trick-or-treaters choose to play a trick on your household this year, you might find a sticky situation on your home or windows. It is important that you take care of egg cleanup as soon as possible! Leaving cracked eggs on your siding or windows might lead to stains or discoloration. You can clean eggs off of your house by spraying the eggs with your hose from the bottom to the top. Loosen the eggs by spraying each egg from the bottom, and then spray the egg residue off from the top until each egg slides away. Then, use soap and water to scrub away the residue with a brush.

This Halloween season, don’t underestimate the convenience of having a good cleaning service on your speed dial! If you find yourself dreading the cleanup before or after your Halloween festivities, hiring a knowledgeable, professional cleaning service is a great solution to ensure your home remains spotless. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or cleaning up afterwards, our professional cleaners will make sure your house doesn’t remain in a scary state long after the festivities have ended! If you are local to Camden, South Carolina and in need of a reliable cleaning service, contact Top to Bottom Cleaning and Handyman Services today!

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